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Towing University Place - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

University Place is a city located in Pierce County of Washington State. A 2010 U.S. Census indicates the total population is 31,144 people. The town was named after the University of Puget Sound in the 1800s, a North Tacoma-based private liberal arts college. University Place remained unincorporated until 1995 when it finally became an incorporated city. It has a healthy mix of suburban and business areas.

Our Services


Allow University Place Towing to be your number one choice for towing and roadside assistance services in University Place. We help thousands of stranded motorists with their dead batteries, flat tires, damaged vehicles, and broken down vehicles every year. Let us help you whenever you suffer one of these problems in the city.


Our team of insured, licensed, and certified roadside service people are ready to come out 24/7 to serve all motorists of University Place. Our typical customer base consists of tourists, residents, commercial drivers, and industrial machine operators. That’s right, and we can tow everything from a sedan to an industrial forklift. No other local company has such a wide range of towing services.


Towing and Roadside Assistance


Towing University Place offers many elite roadside services to stranded motorists in University Place on a 24-hour schedule. We always serve local motorists by helping them transport their vehicles, change their flat tires, or jump-start their dead batteries. You can request any of these services on an emergency or non-emergency basis.


Emergency towing and roadside services can arrive within 30 minutes after contacting us. But if your vehicle problem is not an emergency, you can schedule a non-emergency service request instead. Non-emergency recommendations are suitable for motorists whose vehicles are safely parked in their driveways or garages. But if stranded on the roadside, then an emergency service would be more appropriate.


Battery Jump Start


Vehicles of the 21st century put a lot more electrical demands on their car batteries. Car batteries are supposed to last for up to 5 years, but they don’t usually last for more than three years due to these electrical demands. Each modern vehicle consists of a central computer system with several electronic components connected.


Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if your car battery dies after three years. But it could also die in less than three years if you drive too often and use too many electronic accessories in your vehicle. Either way, a dead car battery will render your vehicle undrivable until it receives a jump start.


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing can offer you an emergency jump start service in University Place. Then you can save money by avoiding a tow and allowing yourself to drive your vehicle again. Just let us know your location, and we’ll deliver the jump start within a short time frame.


Tire Change


Do you have a flat tire in University Place? You may feel tempted to drive your vehicle with a flat, but don’t do it. Instead, call our emergency roadside technicians to change your flat tire. Just pull over to the side of the road and contact our team to request assistance. A technician will come to your location with a suitable jack and lug wrench to change your tire.  


Do you need a spare donut tire? The spare tire is a quick way to get you driving on the road again. The spare donut tire is a quick way to get you driving on the road again. We can provide you with a spare tire if you don’t have one available in your trunk. We recommend installing a regular spare tire at a tire shop after changing the flat tire.


Wheel Lift Towing


Wheel lift towing uses the traditional pull towing method. Our tow truck operator will attach a metal yoke to two wheels of your vehicle and pull it on the road to its destination. You may require wheel lift towing to maneuver your car out of tight spaces and low-height parking garages. We can make this determination for you if necessary.


Flatbed Towing


Flatbed towing is the securest and safest towing option we have available in University Place. We can tow any vehicle imaginable with a flatbed tow truck. Not only that, but we also guarantee that no damage or marks of any kind will get inflicted upon your car. For this reason, flatbed towing is preferred for relocating exotic cars, luxury vehicles, showroom cars, sports cars, and other valuable vehicles.


Furthermore, you’ll need our flatbed towing option to transport your vehicle after it has broken down or suffered a tragic traffic accident. The most common cars we tow with a flatbed include SUVs, four-wheel-drive vehicles, light trucks, and vans. We can even tow industrial-grade vehicles, including forklifts and bobcats.

Towing University Place Availability


Do you need to submit a roadside service or tow request? We are always available to take your calls 24 hours per day in University Place. Please submit your request or questions to our customer support team at (206) 331-3045. Once we learn about your problem, an experienced roadside technician or tow truck operator will arrive within 30 minutes.

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