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Towing Bothell - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Bothell is a city in Washington State that spans two counties, Snohomish County and King County. It is next to the Sammamish River and the northeastern side of Lake Washington. You can find a healthy blend of rural landscape and urban environments, which gives the city something for everybody.


The U.S. 2020 census shows the total population of Bothell is approximately 48,161 people. The 1990s brought a lot of new businesses and job opportunities to the residents. Biotechnology, computer technology, telecommunications, and engineering are Bothell’s most prominent employment industries.


Our Services


Do you need towing and roadside assistance services in Bothell? Erick Lavi Seattle Towing is one of the leading emergency towing companies in the region. We can respond to your emergency service requests by sending a certified technician to your location within 30 minutes to assist you.


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing is a licensed, insured, and certified towing company with 24/7 customer support. We will implement the highest safety and customer service standards to resolve your roadside emergency quickly and professionally. Our successful track record of customer satisfaction speaks for itself.


Towing and Roadside Assistance


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing offers towing and emergency roadside assistance. Our towing services include wheel lift towing and flatbed towing. Each one of these options serves a different purpose depending on the circumstance. So, we will recommend the most affordable option to accommodate your particular situation and relocation requirements.


Roadside assistance covers non-mechanical auto emergencies, such as dead batteries and flat tire situations. Our roadside service technicians come fully prepared and equipped to handle these emergencies. We can resolve these emergencies within minutes of our arrival.


Battery Jump Start


Do you have a car battery over 3 to 5 years old? Did you leave on the electrical components of your car after it was parked? Either situation could drain the power out of your battery until it can no longer start the motor or assist the alternator. Then your car won’t be drivable unless you send an electric charge back into the battery again.


There is no need to get your vehicle towed if it simply has a dead battery. All you have to do is make one phone call to Erick Lavi Seattle Towing, and we can send a certified technician to give your battery the jump start it needs to function again. If the battery is still new, it should continue to hold a charge for another couple of years as long as you start the engine regularly.


Tire Change


Do you need assistance replacing your car tire? If you don’t have a spare tire or need help putting your spare tire on your car, we can send a certified roadside technician to assist you.


Our technician will come prepared with all the right tools and equipment to perform the job, including an extra spare tire in case you don’t have one. Just let our customer support representative know the size of your car tires to come prepared with the right size spare tire.


Wheel Lift Towing


Wheel lift towing is a fast and easy way to transport a standard-size vehicle from one place to another. The tow truck operator attaches a metal yoke to the two front wheels and pulls the car behind the truck. This towing method is an excellent option if your car has broken down in a narrow or tight space, such as a parallel parking space. Since wheel lift towing is cheaper and quicker than flatbed towing, we’ll recommend it if the situation is suitable for it.


Flatbed Towing


Flatbed towing is used for emergencies and non-emergencies. It offers maximum security and protection for vehicles because the flatbed tow truck carries the entire weight of the towed vehicles on the flatbed. None of the towed cars touch the ground as they get transported, which means they are kept safe and secure on the flatbed.


For this reason, you can use flatbed towing to transport damaged vehicles, luxury vehicles, classic cars, 4x4 vehicles, SUVs, and heavy industrial machinery. We also recommend using our flatbed towing services if your vehicles need to be transported long distances.


Towing Bothell Availability


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing has a fleet of tow truck operators and roadside technicians available to help motorists in Bothell on a 24-hour basis. You can call us day or night to request assistance, and we’ll have a certified tow truck operator or technician come out to your location in Bothell within about 30 minutes.


Call us at (206) 331-3045 to submit your emergency roadside request.

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