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Towing Olympia - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Olympia is the largest city of Thurston County, and it is also the capital of Washington State. It is about 60 miles away from Seattle, the most populous city in the state.


When you travel around Olympia, you’ll see a lot of locals and tourists on the roads and streets of the city. In addition, the city holds great cultural significance to the southern region of Puget Sound.


The 2010 U.S. Census shows the local population to be approximately 46,479 people, which means it is the 24th largest city in Washington State. The biggest employers of Olympia are the Washington State government and public education facilities and hospitals.


Our Services


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing is the premier towing service provider in Olympia. We have an elite team of certified, insured, and licensed towing operators qualified to tow practically any type of vehicle in the city. We also have roadside technicians trained to respond to common emergency roadside situations, such as flat tires and dead batteries.


We are a 24/7 emergency service operation dedicated to assisting all stranded motorists of Olympia. Our arrival time is fast, and our prices are more than competitive. So the next time you have to move your vehicle due to a mechanical breakdown, traffic accident, or some other reason, make sure you contact our professional towing operators today.  


Towing and Roadside Assistance


Our towing and roadside assistance services are readily available to all motorists of the Olympia area and beyond. Here is a rundown of our services and how they can assist you with your emergency roadside situation:


Battery Jump Start


Car batteries can discharge due to cold temperatures or prolonged vehicle inactivity. The good news is that you can quickly resolve this situation with a fast and affordable jump start service.


When you contact us for assistance, we’ll send the most qualified roadside service technician to jump start your dead car battery in Olympia. You don’t need to have any jumper cables or spare batteries because we bring all the equipment and resources to us on every job. Before you know it, you’ll be starting your engine up again in no time.  


Tire Change


A flat tire causes more vehicle breakdown situations than any other reason. It is easy for a tire to go flat if it rolls over debris and starts leaking air. Sometimes an older tire with worn treads could develop cracks and circulate air.


Whatever the reason for your flat tire problem, we can help you change the tire in a driveway, parking lot, or on the side of the road somewhere in Olympia. Our technicians carry all the appropriate tools to make tire changing fast and easy. You won’t have to do any of the labor yourself because our team will handle it all for you.


Wheel Lift Towing


Do you have an inoperable vehicle that needs to be transported to a safe location in Olympia? If it is a standard-sized vehicle, you should try our wheel lift towing service. It may be just what you need.


We can send a qualified wheel lift tow operator to the location where you’re stranded and quickly tow your vehicle to safety. The tow operator will securely fit a metal yoke to the front wheels of your vehicle and maneuver it out of whatever tight space it is in presently.


Wheel lift tow trucks can fit inside garages and narrow areas where a flatbed tow truck could not fit because of its size. In addition, you can save money by choosing a wheel lift tow instead of a flatbed tow.


Flatbed Towing


Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to choose a flatbed towing service if the circumstances require it. Some examples of such cases are accident vehicle recoveries and vintage car relocations. You should also select a flatbed towing service to relocate heavy equipment, machinery, SUVs, low-riding vehicles, sports cars, four-wheel-drive cars, and any other type of car that you wouldn’t want to risk damaging.  


Flatbed tow trucks offer more safety than wheel lift tow trucks. They can secure your vehicle on a flatbed to prevent any further scuffs or damage to it. Once your car or truck gets delivered to its destination in Olympia, it will be in the same condition it was in previously. That is our guarantee when you choose our flatbed towing service.   


Towing Olympia Availability


Do you need emergency roadside assistance or premium towing services in Olympia? If so, you should contact the offices of Erick Lavi Seattle Towing at (206) 331-3045. We can take requests 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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