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Towing Kenmore - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Kenmore is a city and suburban bedroom community next to the northern shores of Lake Washington in Washington State. It is approximately 2 miles from Bothell and 12 miles from downtown Seattle. The population of the city is roughly 20,460 people. You can reach Kenmore from the Burke-Gilman Trail and State Route 522, which run east to west on the lakeshore.

Our Services
Are you looking for a designated emergency towing operator or roadside service technician in Kenmore?
Towing Kenmore has assisted local commercial and private motorists with their emergency car problems for many years. Our certified emergency technicians have the training, equipment, and experience to transport your damaged or broken down vehicle safely and securely in Kenmore. Upon request, we can even transport valuable vehicles, such as sports and classic cars.  
We never charge any hidden fees for our services. You will be given the estimated service costs when you contact our team for assistance. That way, there are no surprises about the price after performing the roadside service. You can reach us 24 hours per day at (206) 331-3045 to submit your requests for assistance.
Towing and Roadside Assistance
Kenmore Towing prioritizes the safety and security of our customers’ vehicles in Kenmore. It doesn’t matter if it is an emergency or non-emergency situation because we always take special care in handling and moving vehicles.
Our available services include:
-       Battery jump start
-       Flat tire change
-       Wheel lift towing
-       Flatbed towing
Battery jump-starts and flat tire changes are two services that can get you back on the road without requiring a tow. But if your vehicle has suffered a mechanical breakdown or severe accident that rendered it inoperable, you’ll need a wheel lift or flatbed towing service. Then we can move your vehicle to a safe location for storage or repairs.
Battery Jump Start
Do you need to jump-start your car battery in Kenmore? Our emergency jump start technician can jump-start practically any car battery safely and professionally. We will use the proper jumper cables and battery voltage to ensure your vehicle’s electrical system doesn’t suffer damage.  
Our technicians have several battery packs on standby to accommodate car batteries with different voltage amounts. For instance, we have a battery pack to jump-start the 12-volt battery found in most standard cars and sedans. Of course, we also have a 24-volt battery pack to jump-start truck batteries. We even bring our jumper cables, so you don’t need to supply us with anything.
Flat Tire Change
Flat tire changing requires you to possess the proper jack and a spare tire in your trunk. If you don’t have either of these two items, you cannot change your tire. However, it doesn’t mean you have to request a towing service because we can deliver a more affordable option to your location in Kenmore.
Kenmore Towing has emergency roadside service providers who can change your tires upon request. We bring various jacks and spare donut tires in our mobile inventory suitable for changing tires of all different sizes. Therefore, we can assure you that we’ll come prepared to change your flat tire quickly and efficiently.
Wheel Lift Towing
Wheel lift towing is the best towing choice when your inoperable vehicle gets stranded in low-clearance or narrow environments, such as a parallel parking spot or parking garage.
Our wheel lift tow truck can fit in most spaces where flatbed tow trucks cannot. We’ll use our yoke and dolly to lift your vehicle from one end and haul it away promptly. You can save money with wheel lift towing because it is faster and easier for our tow truck operators.
Flatbed Towing
The only way to transport some vehicles safely is with a flatbed tow truck. It is the best option for transporting sports cars, luxury vehicles, bobcats, forklifts, vans, SUVs, damaged vehicles, and multiple cars simultaneously.
In addition, flatbed towing is a preferable option for long-distance towing in Kenmore. Since the entire vehicle will be secured on top of the flatbed surface, no part of it will touch the ground during the long trip. Then you can have extra assurance that your vehicle won’t suffer any impact whatsoever.


Towing Kenmore Availability
Do you need a 24-hour towing service? We can tow your vehicle, change your tire, or jump-start your battery at any time of the day or night in Kenmore. We always prioritize the needs of our customers to help them out whenever they get stranded due to car problems. 

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