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Towing Mercer Island - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Mercer Island is a city on the southern side of Lake Washington in King County of Washington State. The island is situated within the Seattle Metropolitan Area, giving you access to Bellevue in the east and Seattle to the west. There are bridges on the western and eastern sides of the island to connect it to the mainland.


The U.S. 2020 Census indicates the population of Mercer Island is 25,748 people. It is also a city with the 5th highest per-capital income compared to other cities in Washington State. As a result, the residents are economically viable and doing very well for themselves.

Our Services


Customer safety and satisfaction are what we strive to achieve. Erick Lavi Seattle Towing offers the best prices and the highest quality towing services on Mercer Island. We can come to your aid whenever your vehicle breaks down or gets damaged in an auto accident. If you’re stranded in a parking lot or on a busy road, we’ll get you out of there quickly.


Towing and Roadside Assistance


Mechanical breakdowns and traffic accidents will make your vehicle inoperable. The only solution for moving your vehicle to safety is to obtain our towing services. We can send a flatbed or wheel lift towing operator to the location where you’re stranded and get your vehicle to safety. We have some of the fastest response times on the island.


Another valuable service we offer is 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. If you get a flat tire or dead battery, it won’t require a towing service. Instead, you can request our technicians to come to your location and change your flat tire or jumpstart your battery. Then you’ll be back on the road without ever needing a tow.


Battery Jump Start


It can be scary when your car battery goes dead on Mercer Island. You could be left stranded in the middle of nowhere without anyone around to give you a jump start.


Fortunately, our emergency roadside technicians are one phone call away to provide you with a quick jump start. We can have a technician come to your location on Mercer Island within 30 minutes after you call us to request assistance.


The technician will come with a battery pack and jumper cables to deliver the proper electric charge to your dead battery so that it can get charged up again. After that, your alternator should be able to take over and fully charge the battery from there.


Tire Change


Flat tires can go flat unexpectedly. If your tire has been punctured and develops a small leak, it may need to be patched and reinflated. Either that or you’ll have to replace the tire with a brand new one.


First, you’ll need help taking off your flat tire and installing the spare tire in its place. This work requires the proper sized spare tire and equipment to perform the tire change successfully.


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing can come to you with all the necessary equipment. You don’t have to provide us with anything other than some brief information about your tires when you call us. We’ll take care of the rest.


Wheel Lift Towing


Wheel lift towing has advantages over the flatbed towing option, such as better maneuverability and a lower price. Besides, some situations don’t require a large flatbed tow truck to haul a vehicle, especially if that vehicle is small and confined in a narrow or low-clearance environment. Our wheel lift towing operators can easily connect a yoke or dolly to your car and haul it out of any tight space, such as a garage or curb.


Flatbed Towing


Flatbed towing can save you in an emergency where your vehicle has suffered a severe traffic accident. A flatbed tow truck is the only tow truck capable of transporting a damaged vehicle without risking any more damage to it during transit.


Every towed vehicle rests entirely on the flatbed of our tow truck and not on the ground. So whether you need to transport a luxury vehicle in pristine condition or a severely damaged vehicle, we will ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination without any further scratches or scuffs on it.


Towing Mercer Island Availability


Erick Lavi Seattle Towing is available all the time, night or day, on Mercer Island. You can submit a tow or roadside service request by calling our office at (206) 331-3045. We are open 24 hours to assist you.

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