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Towing Auburn - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Auburn is a suburb and city in the Seattle metropolitan area of Washington State. It is the 15th largest city in the State and has around 87,250 people. Auburn’s bordering cities include Algona, Federal Way, Pacific, Sumner, and Kent.
Our Services
Auburn Towing offers fast emergency towing and roadside assistance services throughout Auburn. We can respond to any roadside emergency request within 30 minutes or less. Just let us know the nature of the problem when you call, so we can send the most qualified technician to assist you.
Auburn Towing prioritizes safety and security when handling a customer’s vehicle. Our technicians come with the necessary tools, training, and experience to perform any towing or roadside assistance job. Since we are certified, licensed, insured, and experienced in performing emergency roadside services, you can trust in our speed and professionalism while on the job. That is why we have such an extensive track record of high customer satisfaction.  
Towing and Roadside Assistance
We are the premier towing and roadside assistance service throughout Auburn. Private and commercial motorists have grown to trust the integrity and professionalism of our services because we put the customer first.
If you need a towing service, we can use either a flatbed tow truck or a wheel lift tow truck to transport your vehicle to its destination. The ideal option depends on the circumstances and the type of vehicle you need to tow.
Roadside assistance is a more affordable service option if you have a flat tire or dead battery. Since these issues can be resolved on the roadside, you don’t need a tow for them. Instead, you can request that one of our roadside service technicians come out to your location and change your flat tire or jump-start your dead battery.
You will be back on the road within minutes after we get done.
Battery Jump Start
Is your car battery over three years old? Do you drive your vehicle frequently? Then you won’t be able to start your engine or operate your vehicle until you restore the electric charge in the battery. These are only some of the reasons why your car battery might die suddenly.
Towing Auburn offers jump-starting emergency service in Auburn. We can come to your location and jump-start your dead battery within 30 minutes. Then you should be able to start your engine so the alternator can recharge the battery to full power. There is no need to request a towing service when you only have a dead battery because a jump start will transmit an electric charge to the battery.
Please note that you should replace an older battery right after receiving the jump start service. Otherwise, your alternator may be unsuccessful in recharging it.   
Tire Change
Do you need to change your car tire in Auburn? Changing a car tire can be dangerous on a busy road or interstate. It can also be difficult if you have a physical disability as well. Perhaps you don’t even have a tire or jack in your trunk, which is expected if you purchased a used car.
In any case, we can send a technician with the proper tools and equipment to change your flat tire quickly. You won’t have to supply us with any tools or labor because we’ll handle the whole job for you. We come with an array of different tires and jacks suitable for changing tires of all sizes.
Wheel Lift Towing
Our wheel-lift towing service is a fast, affordable, and easy towing option for transporting small to standard-size vehicles. A metal yoke behind the tow truck will be attached to the two front or rear wheels of your car. After that, the tow truck will pull your vehicle to its destination.
Flatbed Towing
Flatbed towing is the safest towing option for emergencies where you can no longer operate your vehicle, such as traffic accidents. A flatbed tow truck maintains the vehicle’s current condition by hauling it safely on a flatbed platform. No part of the transported vehicle rests on the road during transit. That is how it remains safe.

Towing Auburn Availability
Erick Lavi Seattle Towing operates a fleet of tow trucks and roadside technicians in Auburn on a 24-hour, 7-day per week basis. We can help private and commercial motorists stranded in Auburn no matter where they are. Let our customer service representative know what kind of roadside issue you have. Then, we can send the appropriate person to assist you.
Call our office at (206) 331-3045 to request roadside assistance or towing service in Auburn.

Towing Seattle
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