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Towing Lakewood - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Lakewood is a city in Washington State with approximately 63,612 people. It was first incorporated as a city on February 28th, 1996. The previous names of Lakewood were the Lakes District and the Tacoma/Lakewood Center. Now it is the second-largest city found in Pierce County. Thornewood Castle, built in the 15th century, is on the land of Lakewood too.

Our Services
Did your vehicle break down in Lakewood because of a flat tire, dead battery, or mechanical issue? Did you suffer a traffic accident that has left your car damaged and inoperable? If so, you can depend on our company to assist you within 30 minutes after calling us for help.
Lakewood Towing can come to your rescue in any of these scenarios. We have a well-trained fleet of tow truck operators and roadside car technicians who can resolve common car-related issues that have left you stranded. Our professionals bring all the necessary tools, accessories, and equipment to assist motorists and help them get their vehicles back on the road.
Towing and Roadside Assistance
Towing Lakewood offers the very best roadside assistance and towing services in Lakeland. You can trust our technicians to demonstrate their high level of skill and integrity as they work with your vehicle. We price our services competitively without diminishing the quality and professionalism of the final result.
All towed vehicles are transported safely. We take extra precautions to reduce the potential impact on towed vehicles as we transport them with our tow trucks. You will learn more about that below.
Battery Jump Start
A battery jump-start sends an electric charge from a live battery to a dead battery. If your car battery has lost its charge and rendered your vehicle undrivable, then you’ll need to jump-start the battery to revive it again. Since you probably don’t have anyone around with jumper cables and a car battery with the proper voltage amount, you’re much better off contacting our emergency roadside technicians for assistance.
Lakewood Towing can send technicians jumper cables and batteries similar to your car battery. It is better to rely on a professional technician in these situations because we can make sure the jump start is performed correctly. Then your vehicle’s electrical system won’t be at risk due to an improper jump start.
Tire Change
Towing Lakewood has a crew of roadside technicians that can replace your flat tire. All you need to do is make one phone call to our office and let us know about your situation. Then, we’ll make sure a technician with the proper-sized jack, wrench, and tire comes out to help you.
Of course, if you already have these tools in your trunk, we can use them instead. But it is not necessary since we always come equipped with commercial-quality tools to perform tire changes fast and efficiently.
Wheel Lift Towing
Wheel lift towing is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to flatbed towing, especially if you only need to transport sedans and other smaller vehicles. Wheel lift tow trucks have excellent maneuverability because they can fit into narrow spaces and low-clearance locations, such as garages. So if your car is parallel parked or stuck in a garage somewhere in Lakewood, our wheel lift towing is the most viable towing option.
Flatbed Towing
There are several situations where flatbed towing is the best and only towing option. Some vehicles are too heavy or too big to be towed with a wheel lift tow truck. Instead, the cars need a long and sturdy flatbed tow truck to haul them. That way, the entire weight of the vehicles won’t touch the road and open themselves up to potential impact with road debris and potholes. Flatbed tow trucks keep vehicles safe and protected at all times.

Towing Lakewood Availability
Towing Lakewood does not have a closing time. We keep our emergency towing and roadside services available on a 24-hour schedule every day of the week. If you want to submit your emergency service request, you can call (206) 331-3045. Our emergency dispatcher will notify the nearest tow truck operator or technician to come out to your location to assist you immediately.

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