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Towing Silverdale - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Silverdale is identified as a census-designated place in Kitsap County of Washington State. A 2010 U.S. Census shows the total population is around 19,200 people. Numerous attempts were made to incorporate the Silverdale community, but it remains unincorporated. As a result, Kitsap County’s laws govern the community.


Our Services


Silverdale Towing can assist any motorist who has experienced a traffic accident, flat tire, mechanical-related breakdown, or dead battery in Silverdale. These situations can leave a motorist feeling stressed and anxious, especially if stranded in a busy location with a lot of traffic. Our goal is to respond to their service call quickly to resolve whatever vehicle emergency they are dealing with at the moment.  


Our average response time is 30 minutes or less. Our highly trained fleet of towing professionals and roadside technicians is positioned throughout Silverdale to fulfill customer service requests. We have the best tow trucks, equipment, tools, and accessories to transport vehicles, change flat tires, and jump start dead batteries.


Towing and Roadside Assistance


You won’t find towing professionals and roadside technicians better than those at Silverdale Towing. We employ highly qualified towing operators and roadside technicians with many years of experience. They also possess the necessary certifications, licenses, and skills to perform their job flawlessly. We are confident you will be in good hands when you request help from our elite team of roadside professionals.


Towing Silverdale offers competitive prices on our services while continuing to provide high-quality work. When we tow vehicles to their destinations, we ensure they are secured and safe to reduce impact upon them from road debris, potholes, and other obstacles.


Here is a list of our services:


Battery Jump Start


A jump start is the only way to revive a dead battery. A battery with little to no charge needs an extra power boost to generate an adequate electric charge for the starter motor. A jump start transfers voltage from another battery to the dead battery to help the starter motor get activated. Old batteries may not last more than 15 minutes after the jump start, so it would be wise to drive your vehicle to the nearest auto shop immediately.


We can deliver a battery jump start service to any location in Silverdale. We have qualified roadside technicians with jumper cables to fit any car battery terminal. It won’t take our technicians long to get your battery jump started so that your vehicle can get driven again.


Tire Change


Do you need to get your flat tire changed as soon as possible in Silverdale? We can deliver a flat tire changing service to any point in the city where you have been stranded. Our technicians carry an assortment of donut tires and jacks compatible with most vehicle models. You won’t need to worry about having these tools in your trunk.


Wheel Lift Towing


Wheel lift towing is the fastest and cheapest alternative to the flatbed towing service. If you have a smaller two-wheel-drive vehicle, such as a sedan, you should choose our wheel lift towing option. Our wheel lift tow trucks can fit into narrow and short environments to pull away vehicles stranded in them. Since wheel lift towing is the only viable option since you cannot fit a flatbed tow truck into these locations.


Flatbed Towing


There are some cases where you’ll have no choice but to choose flatbed towing. For example, you got into a traffic accident and severely damaged your vehicle. Either that or you may want to safely transport a luxury vehicle without risking any damage to it.


You could only rely on a flatbed tow truck to deliver your vehicle securely in these situations. Your car is raised and secured onto a flatbed platform in the truck’s rear and then hauled to its destination. The towed vehicle is kept safe the entire trip because no part of it is on the road. That is why it’s the safest towing option.

Towing Silverdale Availability


We are open at all hours of the day and night in Silverdale. We know that mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, dead batteries, and traffic accidents occur 24 hours per day, so we make ourselves available to assist motorists whenever they face these kinds of vehicular problems. If you need to submit an emergency roadside service request, you can do so by calling us at (206) 331-3045.

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