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Towing Bainbridge Island - On Demand 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Bainbridge Island is an island and city in Kitsap County of Washington State. It is situated along Puget Sound and contains a total population of approximately 23,025, according to a 2010 U.S. Census. The primary economic industries of the island are retail, tourism, and restaurant.


Port Orchard separates Bainbridge Island from the Kitsap Peninsula. You can access Bainbridge Island through the Washington State Ferries system, which transports people over the water to different islands every day. State Route 305 can also bring you to the island by going over the Agate Pass Bridge.


Our Services


We offer premium emergency roadside services on Bainbridge Island. We can come to your aid quickly if you are stranded anywhere on the island because of a mechanical problem or car accident.


All our service providers have the necessary certifications, insurance policies, and other required credentials to provide professional roadside services on Bainbridge Island. So you are in good hands with us.


Towing and Roadside Assistance


Towing and roadside assistance is only one phone call away on Bainbridge Island. We will never reject your towing request if your car or truck is in an inconvenient spot or condition on the island.


Our flatbed and wheel lift towing operators are on standby 24 hours per day to respond to customer requests for assistance. Our mission is to get you and your vehicle to a safe location away from the busy streets.


We have the necessary training, tools, and equipment to move any vehicle safely, regardless of its current state. In addition, we have emergency roadside technicians available to change flat tires and jump start dead batteries.


Battery Jump Start


A car battery discharges if you don’t drive your car for a while or have a battery older than five years old. Sometimes the cold temperature outside can weaken the battery charge as well. In any case, you’ll need to put an electric charge back into your battery to get your starter motor and engine running again.  


There is no need to tow your car when it has a dead battery. Instead, you can save yourself money and hassle by contacting us for an emergency jump start service. We’ll send a technician to your location on Bainbridge Island with the proper tools and equipment to jump start your particular car battery. Once the engine turns over, the alternator will begin recharging your battery again. The entire process is fast and straightforward.


Tire Change


Tires are the most vulnerable parts of a car because they are flimsy and susceptible to the most impact on the road. If a tire loses air or runs over something sharp on the road, it could become flat within minutes. The situation is even worse when you’re on a busy highway with a flat tire and need to pull over to change it. Then you’re putting your own safety at risk.


If you want to change your flat tire safely and securely, you should call our team of professionals to do it for you. We’ll use our advanced knowledge and equipment to change your tire quickly and get you back on the road safely. It doesn’t matter where you’re stranded either. We’ll help you change your tire anywhere on Bainbridge Island.


Wheel Lift Towing


Our wheel lift towing services are faster, lower-priced, and more convenient for towing sedans and regular-sized vehicles out of tight spaces with little room and low clearance. Wheel lift tow trucks have superior maneuverability compared to flatbed tow trucks. Our certified and experienced tow truck operators will attach a dolly to the front of your vehicle and have it moved out of the way within minutes.


Flatbed Towing


Our flatbed towing services are helpful for all roadside situations, whether it is an emergency or non-emergency on Bainbridge Island. We have sophisticated flatbed tow trucks capable of hauling larger vehicles, damaged vehicles, multiple vehicles, and more exotic vehicles with higher value.


Our tow truck operators will implement extra safety precautions to guarantee the safe transportation of your precious cars to their destination. Every towed vehicle remains entirely secured on the flatbed surface of the tow truck so that it won’t get damaged.


Towing Bainbridge Island Availability


Bainbridge Towing is proud to serve the people of Island on a 24-hour basis every day of the week. Anytime you have a breakdown, accident, or another roadside emergency, please feel free to give us a call at (206) 331-3045. We can send someone out to assist you quickly.

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